C Muligheder is owned by Lone Christiansen. This company advises startup companies and organizations on grants and new business opportunities. The name ‘C Muligheder’ is a a play on words on the phrase: See Opportunities.
Lone is a trained project manager and business consultant. The last two years she has helped organizations and companies to finance their projects by applying for grants. She has previously worked with the Democracy Movement in Swaziland as part of the organization Afrika Kontakt and helped secure over 2 mio USD to projects.

C Muligheder can help you with:

Tools for finding the grants

News and trends in regard to fundraising in Denmark

Learning how to frame your application

 Understand the different options for public and private grants.

Learn the four phases in writing a grant application successfully

Learn how to prepare a fundraising strategy

For more information please call or send me an email

Regards Lone